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We are a team of certified physiotherapists in Kolkata (BPT, MPT) who bring expert care and rehabilitation directly to your doorstep. 


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Welcome to The PhysioFix, a dedicated platform of the best physiotherapists in Kolkata, where we provide physiotherapy treatment at home by certified (BPT, MPT) physiotherapists. Our goal is to help you heal yourself or your lovable one with a proper treatment plan and education. If you are searching for a good physiotherapist in kolkata
for physiotherapy homecare, you can book an appointment now.

Services We Provide

PhysioFix offers a vast range of physiotherapy treatments for individuals who are don’t want to or unable to travel to a physiotherapy clinic to get treatment. We offer musculoskeletal, neurological, geriatric & sports physiotherapy such as:

What makes a physiotherapist best?

Great physiotherapists aren’t just about fancy degrees and textbook knowledge. They’re a mix of advanced manual therapy skills and personalities that elevate their care to something truly special. Certified physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in finding the exact underlying causes of any cases.

After proper assessment therapist creates a complete treatment plan and executes those with proper education and guidance. So, what makes a physiotherapist best? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Expertise and Knowledge

Certified physiotherapists typically have a degree in Physiotherapy (BPT, MPT) which involves studying anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, exercise science and other related subjects such as orthopaedics, neuro, surgery, gynaecology etc. During graduation, they are equipped with the necessary theoretical & practical knowledge to understand the human body’s mechanics and functions.

Expertise and knowledge are very important factors when it comes to treating a condition and helping a patient to go back to his/her active lifestyle. If you are searching for an expert and knowledgeable Physiotherapist in Kolkata, book an appointment now on The PhysioFix and see you in your own home.

2. Clinical Skills

Physiotherapists improve their clinical skills through a 4-year graduation in physiotherapy from any health university, internship in any multi-speciality hospital, experience and practice. Apart from clinical skills, a good physiotherapist is highly responsible for patient care, rehabilitation techniques and communication.
During graduation in physiotherapy, therapists gain in-depth theoretical knowledge about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. After completing graduation every student goes through a one-year internship in a multi-speciality hospital where a therapist gains practical knowledge. If you are finding the best Physiotherapist in Kolkata for Physiotherapy homecare services you can give a call.

3. Empathy and Compassion

Our Physiotherapists engage in various skills that enhance the patient’s experience to show empathy and compassion towards our patients. Our trained physiotherapists listen actively to their patients and try our 100% to address the underlying causes of any cases. When we treat a patient, our therapist uses empathetic language and tone to help patients feel friendlier and cared for.

We take time to properly understand the patient’s perspective, emotions and challenges which help us to create a personalized plan for a faster healing experience. Are you tired of searching for the best Physiotherapist in Kolkata, stop searching and book an appointment with us.

4. Communication Skills

Communication skills play a very important role when it comes to understanding a patient’s conditions and needs, assessment, creating a treatment plan, proper education and guidance. History taking is a specialized part when it comes to proper assessment and trying to find the underlying causes of any physical issues.

By proper communication, certified physiotherapists listen to all history carefully, find the cause and create a proper personalized treatment plan for patients. Especially in geriatric care or old age care communication skills are very important for physiotherapists. Get a certified physiotherapist in kolkata right now.

5. Problem-Solving Abilities

Physiotherapists are well trained and experienced to solve a problem, which Bother in your daily lifestyle. When you finally book an appointment on The PhysioFix, our Physiotherapist visits your place, listens to your real problem carefully and tries to figure out the underlying reason for a disease or problem.

With a proper assessment protocol, the therapist figures out the reason and creates a complete treatment plan. The treatment plan made by a certified physiotherapist is personalized, problem-solving and according to the patient’s needs.

6. Commitment to Excellence

Physiotherapist are guided by severe core values, that emphasize excellence in their private practice. The excellence of a physiotherapist in the context of physiotherapy involves using proper knowledge and skills, understanding a patient’s problem, embracing advancement and being able to solve a problem of a patient.

Our certified physiotherapists are highly recommended to maintain a level of excellence by using evidence-based practice, demonstrating a high level of knowledge, and pursuing new evidence to expand their own knowledge.

Meet Our Physiotherapy Specialist


Dr Swapan Patra (PT) is a renowned orthopaedic & Neuro-physiotherapist with 5 years of experience in the physical therapy field. With a passion for excellence and a dedication to ongoing education, Dr Swapan has achieved a reputation for offering physiotherapy homcare and acquiring outstanding results for patients with neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

best physiotherapist in kolkata

Understanding Physiotherapy

Nowadays physiotherapy increasingly plays a major role in preventing injuries and healing disease. Physiotherapy treatment includes injury prevention, and quick healing, by a proper assessment and treatment protocol. There are many various types of physiotherapy treatment available in the PhysioFix including orthopaedic, neurological, cardiovascular, sports and geriatric physiotherapy.

Orthopaedic physiotherapy is a specialized and major branch of physical therapy that deals with injuries and diseases related to bones and muscles. Neurological physiotherapy is another branch where physiotherapists use their knowledge and skills to treat neurological conditions including stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and autism. To treat neurological conditions therapists use a variety of equipment and skills.

The most common skills used in this type of physiotherapy are strength training, balance training, coordination, nerve stimulation, mobility, respiratory care and much more. Cardiovascular Physiotherapy is specially created to take care of patients’ lungs and heart health to keep patients’ cardiovascular health in the state. Therapists use some equipment and skills to improve patients’ health including spirometer, respiratory balloon, breathing exercises and chest mobility exercises.

Sports physiotherapists are highly trained and equipped in cases including strain, sprain and muscle injuries of a normal person or a sportsperson. The therapist uses ice, hot, pain relief spray, taping, and more equipment to relieve pain and regain joint mobility. After pain reliving they use strength training, endurance training, balance and coordination training and improve joint mobility to send back an individual to his/her active State of life.

Geriatric physiotherapy is specially created for an old age person who is suffering from pain, mobility, or reduced strength, all the individuals can’t perform proper activities in daily life. Our physiotherapists use various techniques and exercises to regain their muscle strength, and endurance and make the patients able to perform at least daily activities like bathing, washing, eating and walking without any assistance.

Top Physiotherapists in Kolkata

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Dr. Swapan Patra(PT)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy(BPT), MPT (Neurology), Ex Physiotherapist of SSKM Hospital (PG Hospital). Overall 5-Year Work Experience.

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Dr. Manjushree Mondal(PT)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy(BPT), MPT (Orthopedics), Physiotherapist in Apollo Multi-specialty Hospital. Overall 4-Year Work Experience.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a treatment protocol, not a massage or cosmetic treatment, so when you are selecting a physiotherapist to treat a condition of yours or your lovable one you have to look at several factors. The major factor in choosing a physiotherapist in Kolkata is certification, you must have to choose any certified physiotherapist who completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) or Master of Physiotherapy (MPT). Ok, now looking at several key criteria for choosing the best Physiotherapist in Kolkata including:

1. Qualifications and certifications

Physiotherapists are licensed healthcare professionals who have completed a minimum Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) degree from a health university, such as in west bengal the West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS). Physiotherapists also attend many seminars and certification courses to gain experience and new skills. Many experienced physiotherapists have minor certification courses including dry needling, soft tissue manipulation, cupping, muscle energy techniques and much more.

2. Experience and specialization

When you are choosing the best physiotherapist in Kolkata you have to consider consulting a certified and experienced physiotherapist. After completing their bachelor of physiotherapy, many physiotherapists complete their master’s degree in several branches including orthopaedic, neurological, sport, cardiovascular etc. So you have to understand what’s your problem about, such as if you suffer from osteoarthritis you might prefer to consult an orthopaedic Physiotherapist and if you are getting a strain or sprain, it’s best to consult a specialized sports Physiotherapist.

3. Patient reviews and testimonials

Patient reviews and testimonials can be another key criterion when you are choosing a physiotherapist for you or your loved one. By reading patients’ reviews, you can understand the importance of personalized care, expertise in the field, skills and how he/she can add value to your healing. Everyone wants an experienced and friendly Physiotherapist who can understand your condition better and find the exact underlying causes of your issue, by seeing reviews you can also understand the therapist’s communication skills, explanation of treatment and many other things.

4. Accessibility and location

When you are planning to get physiotherapy treatment it can be influenced by factors such as cost, wait time, and location. Physiotherapy at home in Kolkata is an ideal option for you if you want to get treatment in your own space with all the comfort and amenities. When you book an appointment with a Physiotherapist, consider choosing a therapist nearby you, it may be the most suitable option for both, you and the therapist. If you are searching for the best physiotherapist in Kolkata near you, you can book an appointment now,  we can provide the best physiotherapy from your location.

Best Homecare Physiotherapist in Kolkata

8000+ Happy and Satisfied Customers. Get a certified physiotherapist in your home to get physiotherapy treatment with a personalized treatment plan. Our therapists are well-skilled in manual therapy, exercise therapy, mobilization and much more. 

Orthopedic Physiotherapy in Kolkata

Expertise and Services Offered

The PhysioFix provides the best physiotherapist in kolkata to treat several physiotherapy conditions including back pain, neck pain, postural correction, stroke, Parkinson’s etc. Our physiotherapists are highly trained in assessing any severe conditions and try to serve expert care to fulfil any patient’s need and take care of patient wellness. The PhysioFix provides physiotherapy at home in kolkata to create an easy-to-access for every individual to treat a broad range of physiotherapy treatments.

A. Range of Physiotherapy Treatments Available

We offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments in your own space to get physiotherapy with comfort and amenities. Orthopaedic physiotherapy treatment includes back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, postural dysfunction, muscle pain or tightness and many more cases related to bones and muscles. We also provide neurological, geriatric, sports, and cardiovascular physiotherapy.

B. Advanced Techniques and Technologies Utilized

Our certified physiotherapists deploy advanced techniques and technology to discover underlying causes and treat the conditions completely. Therapists use manual therapy, exercise therapy, soft tissue manipulation, traction, and many other practical approaches to treat a condition. According to these manual therapy techniques therapist use some electrical modalities including IFT, TENS, SWD, LWD, MS, Ultrasound and much more to make the healing process faster.

Including these, we also use hydrotherapy, heat therapy, cold therapy, and balance and coordination training to enhance the activities of an individual in daily life. Get good physiotherapist in Kolkata near you.

C. Qualified and Experienced Physiotherapists

Our all Physiotherapists are qualified from the West Bengal University of Health Sciences, many of them have a Bachelor of physiotherapy and many of them carry a Master of physiotherapy degree. After completing these degrees from health university all of them go through a one-year internship in any multi-speciality hospital.

During the internship in a multi-speciality hospital, they become trained in patient care, communication and several manual skills including exercise therapy, soft tissue manipulation, stretching etc. Get a certified physiotherapist in kolkata at home to get Physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own space.

C. Accessibility and Convenience

When it comes to homecare physiotherapy accessibility and convenience can be a prime key factor. If you want to get Physiotherapy treatment with a personalized treatment plan, then physiotherapy at home can be the best option, due to zero travel and accessibility. In The PhysioFix you can schedule an appointment at your preferred timetable and you can get treatment on the same day, you booked an appointment.

Our all therapists are well-certified and many of them are registered with the Indian Association of Physiotherapy (IAP), so when you get sessions from us, your cost is covered by your health insurance.

D. Community Engagement and Outreach

Physiotherapy homecare in kolkata is increasingly growing due to community engagement and perfect outreach. Our homecare company is frequently involved in community health initiatives like free camps, proper education and awareness. Our physiotherapists are joined in many workshops, seminars and education problems to educate and improve their clinical and practical knowledge, which are very important to treat a patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best physiotherapist in kolkata is important for several factors including quality of treatment, certified physiotherapists, the experience of the physiotherapist, personalized treatment plan and accessibility. When you are booking an appointment for Physiotherapy treatment in your own space, you have to be aware of certified physiotherapists, which means the therapist has to complete a BPT, and MPT degree from a recognised health university. In finding the best Physiotherapist skills, specialization and innovative approaches are also very important.

First of all, after completing a Physiotherapy degree like Bpt & Mpt an individual becomes a physiotherapist. So when you are choosing a physiotherapist for homecare physiotherapy you must ask about the therapist’s certification, skills, and experience. If you are trying to find the best Physiotherapist in Kolkata for getting physiotherapy treatment at home you can book an appointment right now.

A physiotherapist must complete a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree to practice. After completing BPT many individuals have their masters in any specialized topic like orthopaedic, neurological, sports and cardiovascular. So when you are going to consult a physiotherapist, the therapist must have a BPT degree from a health university and if he/she has completed a Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) it is a piece of great news.

If you want to book an appointment to get Physiotherapy treatment at your own space you can call us right now to click on the call now button. If you book an appointment now, we will provide you a personalized treatment protocol on the same day to heal yourself faster.

If you are consulting with a Certified Physiotherapist then obviously the service of a physiotherapist in kolkata is covered by health insurance.

Physiotherapy At Home In Kolkata

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